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Age 19
Nationality British
Resident UK
Project African Penguin & Seabird Conservation and Home of Hope
Kerry Blews

The three months I spent in South Africa were by far the best I have ever had! I have met amazing people from all over the world, people I will stay in touch with undoubtedly and I have the best memories! My first project was SANCCOB, which to begin with was a challenge but after you learn the skills it was a joy to help out there! Everyone is so nice to work with and it has even made my love for penguins stronger... even though they can be pesky little things!!

My second project was at Home of Hope, where I fell so much in love with the kids! Such a rewarding project, they never fail to make you laugh! When you get to see the kids going to new homes it breaks your heart but at the same time you know that even if just for a short amount of time you have made an impact on their lives and that they are going to happy homes.

I thoroughly enjoyed both of my projects and the AVIVA house was more than I could have asked for! I was even lucky enough to see 3 braai's/pizza nights!! I can't fault anything about AVIVA, whenever I had a question or I wanted to book anything such as sky dive, car hire, bungee jump it was all sorted within minutes. Everything was well arranged for you such as airport transfers and tours.

My overall experience will be one that I will never forget, beautiful country, amazing people and I would go back in an instant! Thank You so much AVIVA!

Kay Clisby
Age: 62
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Kay Clisby
Diny van de LooDiny van de Loo
Age: 58
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