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Age 19
Nationality Mexican
Resident Mexico
Project The Learning Vine Children's Project
Cecilia Quintana

This project was recommended to me by a friend and I spent 4 months volunteering on this project. Being here for a long time allowed me to really see the progress of the students. My job at the Learning Vine consisted of tutoring 1st Graders. The teacher would give an assignment and I would provide one to one assistance to the kids. What I did the most was math since I felt the kids needed a lot more help with the understanding of the subject. I was also in charge of storytelling, normally at the end of the day. During exams I helped with verbal exams, which have to be done one child at a time. A lot of childcare is also involved during break time and after school.

Whilst in South Africa, I was able to enjoy a 3-day Garden Route tour, a Surf Camp, a 4-day trip to the Kruger National Park as well as a Peninsula Tour.

I met the most amazing people whilst in Cape Town staying at the Aviva House. The staff were great and always ready to help. The location is great and so is the house!

I left with the satisfaction of knowing that I have made a change, even if it was a small one.

Tha'is Bussenschutt
Age: 22
Adelaide, Australia
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Tha'is Bussenschutt
Elizabeth CollinsElizabeth Collins
Age: 25
United Kingdom
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