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Age 21
Nationality Canadian
Resident Canada
Project Balule Wildlife Conservation & Great White Shark Conservation Project
Shelby Perlinger

I would definitely recommend Aviva to my friends.  It was an experience of a lifetime and I am definitely planning to come back.

I enjoyed both projects.  Living out on a Game Reserve was an experience with elephants visiting the camp on a regular basis.  We even had a herd of Buffalo passing close by.  The camp is very rustic.  We learnt a lot about conservation and I even had a chance to help them with Social Media.  The drives out onto the reserve to track Rhino's was interesting but we were not allowed to leave the vehicles.  We even had an opportunity to teach conservation to the children in the local community.

On the Great White Shark project there are ample opportunities to get involved - whether it be on the research boat or in helping to document the shark sightings once back at the house.  I helped the tourists on the Shark Cage Diving boat - set up lunch, prepped towels, made hot chocolate.  We had the opportunity to do our bit for the coastal conservation by going on beach clean ups.  This project is fascinating as they have recycling of fishing line.  They also take care of a local community and we take the community wood.  We had a chance to assist at the penguin colony at Betty's Bay.

The people I have met in South Africa has been amazing.  The places I have been - I went to the southern-most tip of the African Continent where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.  I went on a tour and Bungee jumped from the highest bungee jump in the world.  I had an opportunity to see Lemurs, Lions, Elephants, Cheetah's and much much more.

I chose Aviva as it was the first option on Google and the price seemed fair.  But what I got in return was unbelievable.  Thank you Aviva for a great time.  See you soon!

Polly Frier
Age: 20
United Kingdom
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Polly Frier
Jonathan McGuireJonathan McGuire
Age: 20
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