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Age 24
Nationality American
Resident USA
Project African Penguin & Seabird Rehabilitation Project
Nicole Zach

During my time at SANCCOB, I slowly moved my way up the ranks and eventually became supervisor.  It was a bit overwhelming at first, but when it all comes together, it feels great.  I started out on mats and crates, power hosing and sanitising endless amounts of mats and crates for penguins. From there, I moved to general - preparing formula and fish, washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning syringes and so much more. Then came the day when I got to go in a pen with the penguins. The adults are fast and bite hard, but the young ones are so much easier to handle. First I learned how to pick up a penguin, next you learn feeding, followed by tubing.  Even if you are on a pen, there is still plenty of cleaning to be done.  I was so fortunate to go on a release to Boulders Beach with 14 penguins.  It was absolutely amazing to see these penguins waddling off towards the sea and then swimming out.  It made all the hard work worth it.  My 8 weeks flew by and I wish I could have stayed longer!

I chose Aviva as I wanted to work with penguins and doing homework, Aviva came across like a reliable company.  And they were and so much much more.  During my time in Cape Town I gained a greater appreciation for penguins and independence.

It can be scary going off on your own to another country but Aviva was with right from the booking process until I left.  They arrange everything excepting my flights and the communciation was great.  Having a fulltime volunteer coordinator made it so much easier.  Megan booked me on tours and gave me ideas for cool things to do.  The Aviva House is also really great.  The people were honestly the best part of the house.  We had some amazing times together and became quite close over my time at the house.  The location is also great because it is right by a Chinese restaurant and a bus stop that can get you almost anywhere.

I rate this 5 Star.  Thank you Aviva!


Molly Graham
Age: 18
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Molly Graham
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Age: 20
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