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Age 18
Nationality United Kingdom
Resident United Kingdom
Project Early Childhood Development Project
Josie Hall

My time at AVIVA has been so much fun. I really think AVIVA is a great way to volunteer in South Africa. It was great to come back to the AVIVA house after volunteering. Everyone at the house was wonderful.

I volunteered with TLC Outreach Projects and, even though I didn't get a chance to spend as much time with TLC as I would have liked to, from what I experienced it was a really well-run organisation. On the first day we made an obstacle course for the children from the settlements TLC supports and got to do some colouring-in with them, which was lots of fun. The next day TLC gave us a PowerPoint presentation about abuse and the signs of abuse. It was an eye opening experience to see the informal settlements that TLC works with, because they are so different from the ones I’m familiar with, such as Khayelitsha. It was interesting to see a side of Cape Town that I wasn't familiar with before. I feel like if I had spent more time with TLC, I could have actually made a difference.

Jennifer Johnston
Age: 21
United Kingdom
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Jennifer Johnston
Kirstie PageKirstie Page
Age: 22
United Kingdom
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