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Age 19
Nationality Sweden
Resident Sweden
Project Children's Home Project
Annika Pedersen

This trip to South Africa through AVIVA has definitely been the best thing I've ever done! Not only has everything run perfectly smooth, but there has always been someone there to lend a helping hand. The amazing volunteers and people in general that I've met here was an extra plus on the side. Working at the Children's Home project was truly great. I've met the most adorable little children and learned many valuable new things on the way. The impact the kids I've worked with has had on me in itself makes it as successful as it possibly could be. I highly doubt that it would be possible that I would have had a better experience with any other organisation but AVIVA, because things back there is really nothing I would've changed on done differently. Whatever project one may choose, Megan has always been there and helped out when necessary, and as far as I've heard from other volunteers all projects have been well planned and structured which is amazing. If I would come back to South Africa to do volunteering there is no doubt which organisation I would use. Thank you for everything.

Anja Aune Fjeld
Age: 19
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Anja Aune Fjeld
Einar Kristoffer BolstadEinar Kristoffer Bolstad
Age: 18
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