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Age 43
Nationality Australian
Resident Australia
Project Nazareth House - Child Care
Karen McKilliam

I loved my time at Nazareth House, 3 months went by so fast. I worked Tuesday to Saturday mostly starting at 8:45-9am that means leaving AVIVA House at 7:15am travelling on 3 buses then a nice walk up the hill (the only downside on occasion) as this gave me more time with the children that went to School on the saturday.

I was in Cape Town to work at Nazareth but was fortunate to see and experience everything else I wanted to do in my days off. Nazareth House is there to protect children and keep them safe and happy, I was lucky enough to work with all the children and babies. Nazareth Looks after babies, toddlers, children with and without disabilities and teenagers.

Wow I fell in love with them all, they need a lot of love and understanding. I miss them all and would go back in a heart beat. Working with the sisters of Nazareth was also great they were all lovely, you do not need to be catholic it helps slightly as most of the carers are quite religious and the kids go to church each week. A wonderful experience.
Heather Lowry
Age: 27
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Heather Lowry
Gemma BrownGemma Brown
Age: 24
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