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Our Philosophy

Aviva Volunteers is committed to supporting sustainable community, wildlife and conservation projects while providing volunteers with a life changing volunteering experience in South Africa. We believe that volunteering promotes self-growth, cultural understanding, and provides international volunteers with a unique opportunity to really experience a country first hand.

We only work with grass roots projects that have evolved to meet real needs in the local community - so you can be sure that you will be contributing your time to a worthwhile and rewarding cause, and can make a meaningful contribution to its growth and future well being.

It is very important that your presence at a project is beneficial not only for the project and the local community, but also for you. Too many projects around the world have been 'created' to meet volunteer demand, and provide very little in the way of structure or anything to do. For this reason, every project partner we work with first goes through a strict evaluation procedure to ensure that the project is valid; has genuine aims; can provide a rewarding experience, and has a sustainable plan for improved development.

Every member of Aviva Volunteers adheres to a strict Code of Conduct, which provides ethical guidelines for our interactions with volunteers, project partners and each other. Our Code of Conduct is integral to everything we do and ensures that we provide a consistently high level of service to our volunteers.

We believe that by working in partnership with projects that are genuinely committed to their cause, we can provide you with a unique travel experience that not only matches, but exceeds your expectations.