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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my volunteer fee go?

When you volunteer with AVIVA, your volunteer fee covers a wide range of things, including:

Guaranteed Placements
We evaluate all projects for sustainability and long term development to ensure that you and your chosen project benefit with a rewarding experience.

Pre-Departure Support
Our busy Cape Town team will help you to get ready for your adventure and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. They will provide you with everything you need to know about arriving in South Africa, so you can relax and look forward to enjoying your journey.

24/7 Personal Support in South Africa
Because your welfare is important to us, we have invested in dedicated & passionate staff to make sure that we can provide you with the best possible experience - AVIVA now has the largest and most experienced volunteer support team in South Africa.

Many of our projects rely on regular assistance from international volunteers, yet they do not have the resources to manage this important recruitment process. This is why we invest time and money marketing on their behalf to ensure that volunteers like you get to hear about the projects on our web site.

Placement fees
This is included in your volunteer fee, and depending on which project you choose, will cover donations for non-profit projects, accommodation, food, equipment, excursions, tours, training and project orientation. Being based in South Africa means that we do not have expensive offices to maintain overseas, ensuring that your entire volunteer fee goes directly into supporting the local economy, creating jobs, and providing essential support for many grass roots organisations in South Africa.

Many Included Benefits
We include all your in-country transfers, accommodation, and on many projects, meals too.

Many projects give you the option to add a great range of discounted AVIVA tours in and around Cape Town, where you can enjoy the beautiful Western Cape as you are introduced to South Africa’s diverse cultures, people and history before or during your chosen project. Our experienced tour guides are outstanding and are able to provide you with unique tours that go far beyond normal tourism.

You will find details of benefits included with each project on our web site – detailed project information sheets can also be downloaded from each project page on our web site.

Please also see our FAQ: What is the AVIVA Price Promise?