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Frequently Asked Questions

Can family, friends or sponsors help to pay towards my trip?


If your family, friends or sponsors would like to contribute towards your volunteer fee (often a great substitute for Birthday and Christmas presents!), they can do this in one of three ways:

  • Credit Card
    They can pay with their credit card by using our secure online payment form.
    Please ask them to enter your name and reference number in the boxes provided when filling in our online payment form, thank you. We will deduct any amounts received from your outstanding balance.

  • Cheque
    Please ask your family, friends or sponsors to pay any cheques into your own account rather than posting them to AVIVA. Bank charges for processing international cheques are expensive so we would have to charge for any extra cheques received over and above your own deposit and balance cheques.

  • Bank Transfer
    As with cheques, please ask your family, friends or sponsors to transfer any contributions directly to your own account. Bank charges for processing international transfers can be expensive both for your sponsor and AVIVA.

Please see our Fundraising FAQ for more information about our complimentary Fundraising Pack.