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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Many volunteers sign up for a project without thinking about what they will gain from the experience, but gain they certainly do! Volunteering in South Africa presents volunteers with many beneficial opportunities for self-growth, improving their understanding of other cultures, improving their ability for tolerance and understanding of others, developing new skills and talents, gaining self-confidence and making new friends.

Many previous volunteers have used their project time to help them decide on future career paths or areas of study, and in all cases, volunteers will have a useful addition to their resume which can help them stand above the competition.

Without doubt, the vast majority of volunteers leave us feeling that they have gained more from their experience than they have been able to give – not because they have been lazy, but because they have been exposed to so many different types of experiences during their stay.

An independant study was recently carried out over a period of 2 years to evaluate the effects of volunteering on AVIVA volunteers. The results echo what we already know - Volunteering in South Africa is good for you!

Download a summary of the Research Paper on International Volunteering

In summary, some of the benefits of volunteering include:

  • Making a direct contribution to a worthwhile cause
  • An impressive and unusual addition to your Resume/CV
  • An opportunity to discover your own hidden talents
  • Developing your own character, confidence and abilities
  • Seeing the world with a global perspective
  • Meeting like minded people from around the world
  • Experiencing new cultures and lifestyle
  • A great, fun experience, with lasting good memories
  • A wide range of spare time activities
  • An experience that goes far beyond tourism
  • An excellent way to help you decide on future study or career choices