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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best day and time for me to arrive?

AVIVA projects are available throughout the year and start dates are shown on each project page on our web site.

When you apply for a project, course or tour using our online booking form, we will provisionally reserve your placement and email a unique MyTrip™ username and password to you by the very next working day or sooner.

When you login to MyTrip™ you will be able to access the full itinerary that we will have prepared for you, which includes recommended Arrival and Departure dates for the placement you have applied for.

For your convenience, we have indicated the recommended arrival day for each project below:

If when booking your international flights, you find that you can get a cheaper flight if you arrive earlier, or leave later than the dates we recommend, we can arrange extra accommodation for you to match your flight dates. This is often worthwhile, as the cost of extra accommodation can be far outweighed by savings on your flight ticket.

Please do not worry about what time your flight arrives in South Africa as airport transfers can be arranged for any time of day. We also monitor expected landing times for inbound flights, so if your flight is delayed, we will still be there to meet you.