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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my deposit or balance?

There are three ways to make a payment to AVIVA:

  1. Credit Card

    You can pay by credit card by using our secure online payment form.

    This is the quickest and most convenient method of payment - we will normally receive instant notification of your payment.

    Please note: If parents or sponsors wish to contribute towards your costs with their own credit card, please ask them to enter†your name and†reference number†in the boxes provided†when filling in our online payment form, thank you.

    This service is provided by Virtual Card Services, an authorised and reputable Credit Card Services company based in South Africa.

  2. Cheque

    You can post a cheque made payable to 'AVIVA' to this address:

    PO Box 60573
    Table View
    South Africa

    If you are paying your deposit by Cheque,†please let†us know when†you have posted this,†so we can continue to hold your placement in your name - just in case your mail†doesn't reach us during your 2 week reservation period.

    Similarly, If you are paying your balance by Cheque, please allow extra time for the post to ensure your†funds reach us in good time, thank you.

    Please note: If†parents or sponsors wish to contribute towards your costs with cheques, please ask them to pay these into your own account rather than posting them to AVIVA. Bank charges for processing international cheques are expensive so we would have to charge for any extra cheques received over and above your own deposit and balance cheques.

  3. Bank Transfer

    You can request an international transfer by visiting your bank in person - they will ask you to complete a form with details of the amount (in South African Rands - as specified on the quote that we send to you), our account details, and your full name as the Reference.

    Your funds will normally†reach our account†within 5-7 working days.

    If you are paying your deposit by Bank Transfer, please let us know when you have†instructed your bank to make the transfer, so we can continue to hold your placement in your name - just in case your funds don't†reach us during your 2 week reservation period.

    Our account details are as follows:

    AVIVA Account
    First National Bank
    Thibault Branch
    2 Long Street
    Cape Town
    Account Number - 62036586933
    Sort Code - 202509
    Swift Code - FIRNZAJJ

    The Swift Code is often referred to as the IBAN or International Routing Code by some banks.
    When your bank processes your transfer, the Swift Code may point to a FIRSTRAND bank with a different address to our own. This is perfectly normal - FIRSTRAND BANK is the parent company of First National Bank, and international transfers are routed to our account through them.

Please Note:

  • Our website shows prices in South African Rands together with approximate amounts for the UK Pound, Euro & Dollar (US, Canadian & Australian) based on the latest exchange rate review.
  • The South African Rand amount that we quote to you (on receipt of your application) is guaranteed against future increases.
  • To ensure that the correct Rand Amount is paid, the majority of volunteers make their deposit and balance payments by credit card.
  • If you prefer to make any payments (in your own currency) by Cheque or Bank Transfer, the Rand amount we actually receive (when converted from your currency), will be subject to the prevailing exchange rate at the time, and may differ to the Rand amount specified on your MyTripô Payment Schedule.
  • If your Cheque/Bank Transfer converts to more Rands than required, we will refund the difference to you.
  • If your Cheque/Bank Transfer converts to less Rands than required, we will update your MyTripô Payment Schedule to reflect any Rand amount still due.