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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need insurance?

It is always a good idea to have adequate travel insurance before you travel anywhere. Travel insurance doesn't have to be expensive and there are no end of great deals available for backpackers, gap year students and multi-trip travellers for you to take advantage of.

AVIVA recommends CareMed for all travellers and participants of AVIVA projects, courses and tours. You can buy online from anywhere, even after you've already left home!

CareMed - International Travel Insurance

With CareMed...

  • You have a choice of great value cover.
  • You will benefit from worldwide coverage.
  • You are covered while travelling to several countries abroad (except for your home country where the coverage expires automatically).
  • You can book online from anywhere, and at anytime.
  • Sports are covered (except high-risk and professional sports).
  • You will have cover while volunteering, following a traineeship and/or pursuing a wide range of outdoor activities.

Dutch Volunteers please note:

As a resident of the Netherlands, we would recommend that you use the JoHo Special ISIS insurance as this remains the best and most affordable option for Dutch volunteers looking for coverage for medical costs, luggage, repatriation, legal liability, accidents and some other ‘special high risk’ costs. Dutch volunteers can visit the link below for more information: