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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cape Town safe for visitors?

UK business travellers voted Cape Town as the safest long haul travel destination. Cape Town is also known for being the most open-minded and relaxed city in South Africa and perhaps the safest city in Africa for international visitors.

That said it is advisable to take sensible precautions when travelling around as you would anywhere in the world. Try to avoid walking alone at night, avoid wearing obviously flashy jewellery and expensive cameras around your neck, don't leave valuables unattended and so on.

The use of public transport after dark is not recommended (use a metered taxi instead) and you should travel first class on the train during the day (very cheap!). The Police and their horses are very visible in central Cape Town (as are the mind-boggling number of traffic wardens on every street) and we are always happy to advise you if you have any personal safety concerns before or during your visit.

It is worth noting that South Africa has successfully hosted more international sporting events than any other nation in the past 15 years, and is the only country in the world to have hosted the Football, Rugby & Cricket World Cups.

Unless you were on an another planet, you will hopefully have seen plenty of footage of Cape Town and the rest of South Africa during the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup. Despite the normal shock horror predictions made by many representatives of the international media, the event was hailed as the most successful and safest World Cup ever. This will have come as no surprise to the many millions of tourists that visit South Africa safely every year!