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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Western Cape like?

Situated on the tip of Africa, the Western Cape is one of the top ten most popular destinations in the world.

It is a jigsaw of microclimates with their own particular beauty and heritage that began thousands of years ago. The puzzle is composed of white sandy beaches on unspoilt coastlines, towering mountain ranges and valleys groaning under the weight of orchards and vineyards, tiny fishing villages and rare flora and fauna.

In contrast to waterfalls and lush coastal growth, there is the semi-desert area of the Karoo. The indigenous population, the European settlers and the slaves from the East have created stories of the past and cultures of the present.

So remember not to forget the holiday part of your volunteering adventure. AVIVA can assist you in organizing day trips, overland trips and excursions to various parts of South Africa - you can let us know if there is anything we can help you with on your online application, or by contacting one of our team before or during your stay.