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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I suited to volunteering?

Since 2002, AVIVA have hosted volunteers from 16 to 72 years of age, from 57 countries, facilitated over 750,000 hours of voluntary service, and contributed many millions of Rands to a wide range of community, wildlife & conservation projects in South Africa.

Along with students, we have hosted volunteers from a wide range of other backgrounds including teachers, nurses, pilots, doctors, vets, retirees, policewomen and social workers to name just a few.

The good news is that you don't need any previous experience or qualifications to join our projects, as all necessary training and supervision is provided on site. As long as you are reasonably fit and are able to speak and understand English to a reasonable level, then you are already qualified to join most projects.

Although the personal benefits for you are many, it is equally important for you to understand why you are making the choice to volunteer in South Africa, and to take some time to examine your motives for volunteering. It is also important to assess the impact that your stay will have on the wildlife and children you encounter. We cannot promise that you will change the world in one visit, but we have seen that contributions from many volunteers over a period of time produce the best results for the children and wildlife in the care of these projects.

If you have a genuine desire to help others less fortunate than yourself, and wish to do so in a responsible way, then this is a good indication that you already have many of the qualities needed to undertake a life changing experience in South Africa. If you can relate to some of these traits, then you are definitely on the right track...

A typical volunteer ...

  • is open to experiencing new cultures and meeting people from around the world.
  • is tolerant and respectful of others, no matter what their beliefs or background.
  • looks forward to broadening their horizons and exploring new lands.
  • is flexible and adapts well to new situations and environments.
  • is self-disciplined with a sense of independance.
  • sees that volunteering provides them with a rewarding way in which to develop their own personal qualities and character while giving something back to the environment and communities in need.
  • is pro-active and looks for opportunities to experience their new surroundings.
  • acknowledges that South Africa in many ways is still a developing country that will provide them with a wide range of new experiences.